Experimental Animation

Noise is the project that explains perfectly
what we do at Megomotion.

It is a great example of how we transform,

translate and interpret information, messages or scientific data

into outstanding visual responses.

Idea Generation

Noise is an independent project released for a contemporary Art Gallery competition in which we focused on experimenting Datamoshing and Glitching visual techniques. It is inspired by a scientific experiment run during Summer 2013.
The 26-days experiment I’ve been fully involved in, was a study about the effect of the anthropogenic (man made) noise on fish behaviour. Therefore, I have generalised the topic and shown the effects of the noise on different environments. Samples of anthropogenic noise were played back to groups of fish in their natural environment. Behavioural responses were filmed using underwater video cameras to investigate whether fish were affeceted or not.
As per the exposed fish, which were bothered by the increased level of noise, with this animation we wanted to visually represent the nuisance we can feel when a strong sound plays too loud.
As in the natural environments, in N0!S3 the strong/conflicting colours, the loud audio and the visual effects break the evocative pictures.
The representation was rendered even more subtle when, at the onset of noise, the shape of the mountains, grass and city turned into sound waves.

Software used:

Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audacity, FFmpegX, Avidemex, VLC.

Resources: markedit – Train upon us.wav; Bosk1 – Wind Houling1.wav; Klankbleeld – traffic horns city nervous busy.wav; Gumballrimpoche – glitchys.wav.

Other sounds used:

Original underwater, piling, ship and boat sounds recorded during the scientific experiment; other sounds created and edited with Audacity.

Visual refernces

the panoramic scene, with its reflection in the sea, suggested a sound-wave shape.

Glitch test

Secondary animations