06 July 2016

Animation as teaching tool to enhance education and learning

This week we gave a talk at NUBS Learning and Teaching and Student Experience Conference at Newcastle University – Business School.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a forum for discussion on ‘best practices’ in key areas like:

  • programme and curriculum design;
  • assessment and feedback;
  • traditional and creative teaching;
  • research-led teaching methods;
  • presentation styles and techniques for effective participatory learning;
  • self-directed student learning;
  • blended learning and learning with technology;
  • effective programme teams, and learning and teaching scholarship.

It was a great opportunity to us to introduce Animation as a teaching tool to enhance education and learning and students’ engagement.

Key benefits of using Animation in teaching and learning encompass to enhance students’ creativity, engage them in wider subjects, support students’ cognitive processes and provide great flexibility for reaching a wider audience.

Moving images engage the attention of students without boring them; they can be particularly useful as a tool to encourage the creativity of students who find reading and writing essays a challenge.

Animation can help to demonstrate things and concepts visually exactly how they are; instructors can use it to show how things come together and work together. In Science, for example, Animation can be used to show how human-generated pollution affects marine life, like in the case study of NO!S3. Other subjects like how to achieve a healthy lifestyle can be communicated to school students in a more engaging way, like in the case study of Obi City.

More involvement of Megomotion in this kind of events is already planned.

Stay tuned!