24 March 2016

E- evolution

Some days it is difficult to think the human evolution as always being positive. We have seen so many discoveries that developed with a negative impact. Nevertheless, humans always welcome these changes and adapt to make them as efficient as possible. 
It is a parallel path: we invent things that will make our life easier and then we modify our life style, taste and behaviour to support their usage. With the hope to get a few smiles, we draw a parallel between human evolution and the development of the cigarette. Cigarettes were icons, representations of the cool guy; take for example James Dean, smoking cigarettes on the side of his mouth, while staring at the camera with a fascinating gaze. Many generations of men wanted to look like him and many women wanted to date him! We then banned them (not practically but more morally!), associating their usage with something negative, a dramatic ends out. 

The iconic representation of the cigarette has evolved; now cigarettes are e-cigs and they’re vaped (we’re not smoking anymore, we’re vaping!!!). People that use them are now considered as mechanic engineers – building their own components to power their vaping experience! E-cigs have also changed our perception of smoking – you can now vape indoor. You could become the e-version of James Dean and personalise them for your taste and style.

The e-volution has started…but where will it take us?

We designed and produced our own interpretation. Watch the video to know it!