Who’s Mego?

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Here you will know more about Mego. Who is him, what he likes, what are his interests, passions and how he translate all into visuals.

15 September 2016

Newcastle as digital ‘test bed’

On Friday the 15th of September we were invited to and attended the inaugural DigitalAgenda ‘city impact’ dinner at KPMG in Newcastle.  It was an interesting and pleasant event.

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06 July 2016

Animation as teaching tool to enhance education and learning

This week we gave a talk at NUBS Learning and Teaching and Student Experience Conference at Newcastle University – Business School.

The aim of the workshop was to provide a forum for discussion on ‘best practices’ in different areas.

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23 June 2016


We were really pleased to take part to the projection mapping project commissioned for Photo España 2016, “A Less Familiar History”. The work featured a short film of biological material found mostly in and around the National Library of Madrid, which were grown under “kitchen laboratory” conditions by Louise Mackenzie, an artist that works at the edge between science and fine arts.

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24 March 2016

E- evolution

Some days it is difficult to think the human evolution as always being positive. We have seen so many discoveries that developed with a negative impact. Nevertheless, humans always welcome these changes and adapt to make them as efficient as possible.

February 2014

Mego at Pictoplasma

Character selfie

In an open call for entries, Pictoplasma invited international designers, illustrators, and artists to explore the current status of contemporary character exhibitionism by submitting the snapshots that their characters took of themselves! Mego has been selected and will be part of the Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery – a group exhibition celebrating the 10th Pictoplasma Berlin Festival.