On Saturday the 21st, we will be at the Hancock museum with our stand and installation, attending “meet the Researcher event“.

Come to see hello and ask questions!

Meet the Researcher - Science in Motion - Megomotion

Do you know what happen when underwater noise is created nearby marine animals? What reaction do you expect fish, shrimp, shore crabs or even mussels to have to intense noise?

Megomotion has partnered with Ilaria Spiga, (Newcastle University researcher) to answered these questions and many others.

Through interactive animation, you will find out more about the effects of noise pollution on the behaviour and physiology of marine animals.

A 3D fish will show you what happens when the noise is too high. A digital underwater scenario will reveal that different animals could react differently to noise. You will also discover how snapping shrimp change their snap production in response to noise by playing with the level of noise.