Scream for Pizza

We all know how rushy could be this period of the year. Everybody is running to get the perfect gift for friends, trying to finish with school commitments or planning for Christmas dinners. The world itself is making us even more stressed with so many changes going on in such a short period of time, to which we feel we need to adapt.

Business wise instead, everyone is very busy in finalising the last projects before the break and in sending the most original Merry Xmas newsletter.
Megomotion have chosen to take a different route this year.
With no rush at all, we thought to select and please only one of our friends, Scream for Pizza.
It is well known that our founder is from Naples and these two ladies have so often made him feel at home.
We wanted to thank them for the effort they made in learning how to make the authentic Neapolitan pizza, which eventually was recognised as Unesco’s “intangible cultural heritage”. These British ‘pizzaiole’ can be very proud of their pizza because it is the best you can get outside the Neapolitan borders.

We created this short advert to thank Alex and Vicky for their great job and wish them Merry Christmas!